This book is first and foremost dedicated to the men and women of Massachusetts who work tirelessly to build a solid book of business in Massachusetts and across New England. In particular, I wanted to acknowledge one of our very own who lost her life along the journey to financial freedom and wealth creation. Ms. Carline Marshal Smith of Cape Code will be deeply missed by those who loved her and her extended family members better known as the field associates of Critical Mass. Caroline was one of a kind that left us too early in the hunt for financial freedom. You are truly missed by all.

How to Do MLM in Massachusetts & The Rest of New England is birthed out of Dimitry Frederique’s 20 plus years of experience doing network marketing in Massachusetts. After taking a step back from the industry, he began to see the common mistakes people close to him were making. These were intelligent human beings from all walks of life, who just did not get how to do this business right. “Some of us regardless of the proper training, did not really understand the philosophies that dictates success in the East Coast.” After years of failed attempts at building a successful business in this industry, Frederique began to see patterns that explained why his business was in a jam. After years of frustration and complaining to his friends, he felt it was necessary to write this book so that others would be educated not only on how to do network marketing in Massachusetts but across the New England states.

For the past eight years, Mr. Frederique has committed himself to teaching, educating, and training others on the obstacles that keeps many of us from reaching the tipping point of success in these states. This book will give you a solid foundation for which you should build your MLM business on. Learn some new skills and different approaches to break through the barriers that is preventing you from making a six figure income in New England.

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Here is a brief summary of each chapter:

    1. My Story:
    I share in the first chapter my story of how I got into this industry. Unfortunately my story was not that different from what many of you may have gone through. I hope my story helps you to relate to the problems facing our industry. This book was design to help people like you who are the baby boomers-who are retiring right now and learning for the first time what the 40/40/40 plan is really about. This book was created out of a real need to help protect you from losing all your net worth in dead end multilevel marketing companies that simply do not work. This book will cookie cut your learning curve and save you thousands of dollars of your hard earn money that would normally be wasted had you not read this book.
    2. Is MLM a Pyramid Scam?:
    To those who are reluctant to join our industry and are always concerned about the stigma that has plagued this industry for the past 60 plus years, I hope this book will help put your mind at ease. Unfortunately for most, we do not fully understand the magnitude of how this industry alone has created many millionaires and have helped hundreds of thousands of people walk away from their full time J.O.B. This chapter will clear the myth on network marketing. Before you buy into someone else’s opinion about network marketing, read a non bias book from someone who has done it for the past 20 years.
    3. Is Network Marketing Really for Me?:
    For many who joined network marketing, their first exposure may be from doing a favor to their closes friends. The next time your friend ask you to do him or her a favor, just say no. Take the time to understand whether or not your character fits what leaders are looking for in this business. This chapter looks back at your purpose, mission and value in life. Are they align with your passion? Find your passion and you will find the right network marketing company that truly works for you.

    4. In Search of Leaders, not Followers:

    What is the problem with network marketing? It simply lack enough leaders for us to build a successful business. This chapter helps you understand the philosophy behind why this is the case. It also looks at the psychology of why many who join this industry are more of a follower than a leader. Learn what steps needs to be taken to change your behavior.
    5. The States at a Glance:
    How well do you understand your state or the dynamics that drives your MLM business towards success or failure? This chapter looks at the population, the demographics, and income of the people who live in New England. It is an eye opener to help you understand who you are going to sell to. This chapter looks at race relations and how it affects your business.
    6. What is the Right Product or Service for Me?:
    Do you understand your style of doing business? Not everyone is a product person or a service base person. This chapter helps you understand what kind of products or service works best for you. This factor will determine from the start whether or not you stick and stay in the business. Many people just join MLM without putting this factor into consideration and they wonder why they quit later on. Your interest level in the business was already predetermined subconsciously and you did not even realize it.
    7. How to Evaluate a Good MLM from a Bad One:
    This is where many of us fail to be successful in MLM. We work hard without even knowing if that business was a good one to get into from the start. This chapter gives you a step by step guide on the criteria for evaluating a good MLM business from a bad one. Do you understand the timing of that business model? Do you know whether or not it fit the behavior and buying habits of New Englanders? Many of us just sign on the dotted line without a thought of the key elements discussed in this chapter. Learn the fundamentals of evaluating a good business model in the industry. Just because it is in MLM does not make it a good business model for you. Remember the grass always looks greener on the other side. Find out why it is not as cracked up as it looks from the outside. This chapter will give you all the tools you need for determining a good business model from a bad one.

    8. How Recession Proof is Your MLM Business?:
    This chapter is the arsenal you need to chapter 7. What kind of business are you building today? Is it one that has a weak foundation or a strong one? Find out why many MLM companies will fail in the coming years simply because they fail to follow some basic business building principles that have been around for ages. This chapter applies to both traditional businesses and network marketing businesses. Read this chapter carefully and put your MLM company to the test to determine if it fits the criteria of a recession proof business today.
    9. Why Most People Fail in Network Marketing:
    Many of us are struggling through MLM but have no idea why. This chapter is a broader explanation of things I have seen people do over the years that has caused them to fail at MLM. This chapter looks at some over lining factors that causes New Englanders to fail over and over again. Additionally this chapter looks at some traditional things and some nontraditional things that we do to cause us to fail at building a successful network marketing business. Are you doing some of them right now and don’t even know it? Are you killing your business before you even launch your business?
    10. Does MLM Really Work in Massachusetts? :
    Chapter 10 is the million dollar question that every bystander wants to know. The answer to this important question is not that simple as a yes or no question. Understanding the reasoning behind the answer has more to do with your personal goals and what you are looking for in network marketing. Nevertheless you will learn what works and does not work in Massachusetts as well as the rest of the New England states.
    11. Building on Fertile Ground:
    This chapter is right out of the teachings of Jim Rohn from which I have been a student of his personal development books and audio CDs for years. Are you building a business on fertile ground that has the potential to produce success? Many of us try to start a business in any state but not every business fits your state or has the right catalyst to spark success. This looks at why this is so. Not all network marketing companies are created equally. This chapter will give you some good examples of some traditional business models that fail to launch because they were located in the wrong marketplace. So could yours be possibly in the wrong market as well?
    12. Is This Worth My Time?:
    After reading this book, I know you will be able to make some sound decisions as to whether or not network marketing is worth your time or not. Life is not a gamble as long as you don’t stop searching for what you have been looking for in the first place. It is those who stop and choose the easier path to prosperity who perish in the end. I share some of my personal journey with you in this chapter. Each individual will get something different out of network marketing. What will your story be?