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Hi folks,


Thank you for all of your patience as I prepare to release new content in the new year for you. I am still ironing out some kinks. As part of that process, I need to begin filtering out spam email subscribers from real subscribers. So as a precaution, I am giving you a heads up warning in case you have been removed from my mailing list. It means that my server has determined that your email is part of or connected to a spam account. So if you see that you cannot receive any notification from me by end of business on December 1st. It means that you have been removed. I will be sending out a new email on the second so that you are aware that you are still a registered subscriber.

If you feel that you have been removed in error, you can come back to and sign up again.

I will be doing another upgrade to a new system in preparation of new things to come by January of 2019. So keep a look out for new training, possible giveaways, and online classes to enrich your learning experience.


Thank you,


MLM Univ. Staff


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